Our Story

Infinitus and Beyond

stacks_image_311Infinitus PIE (iPIE) is a conglomeration of passion, thought and love. Born from the mind of “Pizza Pete” – a passionate man, so crazy about pizza pie he has marinara sauce in his veins.

“Katie Pie,” inherited this bloodline, eating Pizza in her high-chair as soon as she sprouted teeth, thus acquiring her nickname, and a future in the pizza business. She earned a business degree in finance/marketing at the University of Denver, and took that experience, joining her dad to start Infinitus PIE.

The key to iPIE is custom pizza designed by you. We had been down the road of selling slices from our iPIEmobile, then one season the idea of custom pizza iPIE sparked the mind of Pizza Pete. Custom iPIE, great sauce and topping choices, hot out of the oven.

Pizza Pete and Katie Pie launched Infinitus PIE. The transformation was received with joy. The PIEmobile fans loved being able to get custom pies. It was time to turn this into a restaurant, and so it was.

31.4 Monthly Charity

iPIE gives back to the community once a month with ‘iPIE 10 Day,’ by sponsoring a community charity and donating 31.4% of the proceeds of all the sales to the charity of the day.
To be considered for 31.4 Day email Katie with your organization and contact details.

$180 Million Dream Fund

Instead of the typical ‘tip jar’ you find in many restaurants, the iPIE jar is raising funds for the $180 Million Dream Fund. Our passion is to be more than a restaurant, and give back to the community by helping educating future generations.

The really big dream is to turn iPIE into a national chain that could generate some great scholarships:

  • 5,000 Stores x $100 per day
  • $500,000 per day x 360 days a year
  • $180,000,000 in scholarship funds annually

Funds Raised: $28,595.36

Our Mission

“Inspiring via mouthwatering iPIE coupled with our passionate dedication to community, education and humor”. Come in an see us at work with the triple bottom line.